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Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

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  • Soft and smooth wax for shaping and defining brows
  • Angled brush for precise application
  • Complementing powders for adding depth and dimension
  • Versatile shades to match your hair color
  • Long-lasting formula for all-day wear
  • Enhances natural beauty and frames your face

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Introducing Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit


Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit includes everything you need to create the eyebrow shape of your dreams. It comes with a variety of tools and colors to help you shape your eyebrows to perfection. The kit’s silky, smooth wax provides an ideal foundation for drawing and defining brows. Apply the wax with the provided angled brush to cover any gaps and draw sharp contours. Because the wax mixture lasts all day, you can feel good about showing off your perfect brows.

The kit provides two complementary powders to help achieve this effect. Select a tint that complements your hair color, and then use the blending brush to fill in your brows with ease. Whether you want a soft, delicate effect or a strong, defined brow, this kit contains what you need.

The Wet n’ Wild Ultimate Brow Kit is intended to help you bring out your brows’ full potential as an instrument of your natural beauty. A well-defined arch frames the face draws attention to the eyes, and gives the wearer a more put-together appearance. Get the perfect brows worthy of an Instagram post without breaking the bank with this at-home kit. Make your own professional-looking brow art at home and reclaim control of your beauty routine. This kit is suitable for both experienced makeup artists and those just starting out, so feel free to give it a try!

Brow Shaping with Absolute Self-Assurance:


Confidence is essential when it comes to your brows. Taking ownership of your appearance and expressing yourself boldly with each brow stroke is within your reach with the help of the Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit. The ability to mold and define your brows to your liking can give you a sense of power and confidence that will help you take on the world.The confidence boost and acceptance of your own unique attractiveness that this package provides are equally important. With well-defined brows, you’ll exude assurance and make an impression wherever you go. Get rid of your unruly, shapeless brows and replace them with bold, attractive ones that ooze confidence


Wet n Wild


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