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Ribana Sandalwood Facepack (50gm)

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Natural and Nourishing

At Ribana, we think that utilizing Mother Nature’s power may enhance the attractiveness of your skin. Our Sandalwood Face Pack is painstakingly made from pure, responsibly obtained sandalwood to guarantee that you receive the highest quality. It is safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin, as it is free of hazardous chemicals, parabens, and synthetic perfumes.

Benefits of Ribana Sandalwood Face Pack

Glowing Complexion

With our Sandalwood Face Pack, bring out the natural radiance of your skin. Dead skin cells are removed, clogged pores are cleared, and a beautiful complexion is encouraged by the mild exfoliating capabilities.

Anti-Acne Action

Affected by annoying breakouts? With its antibacterial qualities, our Sandalwood Face Pack fights acne-causing microorganisms and lessens the occurrence of blemishes.

Hydration and Nourishment

It  moisturize skin and  become supple and nourished skin for all day long. Our Face Pack have hydrate and nourishment qualities that gives you soft and bright skin.

How to Use

Use a gentle cleanser to thoroughly clean your face.
To make a smooth paste, combine a tiny amount of the Sandalwood Face Pack with rosewater or water.
Avoid getting paste near your eyes and lips and evenly spread it over your face and neck.
Give it around 15 to 20 minutes to dry.
Apply a gentle towel to dry after rinsing with warm water.
Use two to three times a week for greatest results.




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