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RIBANA Make-up Remover Soap (95gm)

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Welcome to an eco-conscious choice that doesn’t harm the planet with RIBANA Make-up Remover Soap.

  • Preserves the skin’s natural moisture balance
  • Don’t irritate the skin or leave it feeling dry
  • Easily removes most difficult-to-remove makeup
  • Enriched with nutritious components
  • Skin feeling soft, silky, and energized

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Gentle and Effective Formula

Formulated with gentleness and effectiveness in mind, RIBANA Makeup Remover Soap is ideal for all skin types. RIBANA Make-up Remover Soap creates to ensure that it preserves the skin’s natural moisture balance. This conventional makeup removers don’t irritate the skin or leave it feeling dry.

Deep Cleansing Action

Deep Cleansing Action: Thanks to its deep cleansing action, RIBANA Make-up Remover Soap easily removes even the most difficult-to-remove makeup, like waterproof mascara, foundation, and long-lasting lipstick. This soap takes care of the labor for you, so you can stop pulling or rubbing your skin to remove makeup.

Nourishing Ingredients

The Soap leaves your skin feeling soft, silky, and energized in addition to removing makeup because it is enriched with nutritious components including natural oils and botanical extracts. Enjoy removing your makeup while receiving a mini-spa treatment.

How to Use

The RIBANA Make-Up Remover Soap is really easy to use. Using water, simply spritz your hands and face.

Rub the soap in your palms to produce a rich lather. To properly remove the makeup, gently massage the foam onto your face in circular strokes.

Rinse off the soap with water after washing your face completely. It easily removes makeup leaving a crisp, clear canvas in its place.




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