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Rajkonna Brightening Body Lotion Super Radiant 300ml

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If you want your skin to stay smooth, even, and luminous, then use this Brightening body lotion. Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin E, and Rice Water are used in this lotion’s formulation. Alpha Arbutin is a natural brightening ingredient that can be used without worry to reduce the appearance of acne scars and sun damage pigmentation. Vitamin E helps maintain skin supple and healthy. You may naturally lighten hyperpigmentation with rice water. When combined with vitamin E and rice water, alpha arbutin becomes more effective. There is no better anti-ageing, scar-reducing, and glow-inducing trio than these three substances.

In-Depth Details:

Alpha-Arbutin, Vitamin E, and Rice Water Infusion.

Helps the skin retain its natural moisture and gives it a healthy sheen.





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