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Lafz Halal UV Shield Aqua Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 P+++ (50ml)

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Use Lafz Halal Sunscreen Gel to shield your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. You may relax in the sun with confidence knowing that this cutting-edge sunscreen gel will keep you safe from the heat while yet meeting halal requirements.

Protection Across a Wide Bandwidth

The UVA and UVB radiation that can damage your skin are both blocked by Lafz Halal Sunscreen Gel. This sunscreen gel offers excellent protection from the sun when you lounge on the beach, participate in outdoor sports, or go about your everyday routine.

Lightweight and non-greasy

You can put away the clunky, oily sunscreens now. The non-sticky, fast-absorbing composition of Lafz Halal Sunscreen Gel leaves skin feeling soft and looking matte. It’s formulated to be gentle on the skin, so you can go about your day without worrying about any sticky or heavy residue getting in the way of your outdoor fun.

Invigorating and sustaining

Lafz Halal Sunscreen Gel shields your skin from the sun and provides nourishment and hydration at the same time. This sunscreen gel is loaded with hydrating elements that work to keep your skin from drying out while giving you a radiant appearance. Benefit from this product’s ability to both shield your skin from the sun and nourish it.

Certified as Halal and Gentle on the Skin

With this prestigious halal certification, you can rest assured that Lafz Halal Sunscreen Gel meets all applicable halal requirements. It’s safe for even the most delicate skin because it doesn’t contain any irritating chemicals or irritating elements like alcohol or compounds originating from animals. You may rest assured that your family will be protected from the sun thanks to the halal certification.




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