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Groome Glutathione + Alpha Arbutin +HA Brightening Serum (30ml)

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The Master Antioxidant Glutathione

Glutathione called as the “master antioxidant,” is vital for scavenging free radicals, lowering oxidative stress, and accelerating the skin’s natural repair process. By doing so, age spots and imperfections appear less prominently and the complexion is brightened. Groome Glutathione Alpha Arbutin HA Brightening Serum can be the part and parcel of your daily life for it’s goodness.

Targeting Stubborn Hyperpigmentation Alpha Arbutin

Use Alpha Arbutin to get rid of bothersome dark spots and uneven skin tone. A more even skin tone and lessened hyperpigmentation are the results of this natural substance’s efficient inhibition of melanin synthesis. Your skin will visibly become more even-toned, clearer, and brighter with continued use.

Intense Hydration and Plumpness Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Skin that is dry and dehydrated can frequently look dull and worn out. A potent humectant that draws and holds moisture to the skin’s layers, hyaluronic acid (HA) is a component of Groome’s serum. Your skin will look younger and more radiant because to this deep hydration, which also helps to make your complexion smoother and plumper.

Why should you choose Groome Glutathione Alpha Arbutin HA Brightening Serum over other options in the market? Here’s why:

Advanced Formulation

In order to ensure optimum effectiveness and noticeable results, Groome Glutathione Alpha Arbutin HA Brightening Serum is created using the most recent skincare scientific developments.

Safe and Gentle

Skin care is a top priority for Groome. All skin types, especially sensitive skin, are acceptable for our serum’s absence of harsh chemicals.


Being an animal-free company, we take great satisfaction in ensuring that our goods are never tested on animals.

Visible Results

Groome’s Brightening Serum has the ability to transform with regular application. In no time, notice your complexion become more young, even-toned, and beautiful.




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