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Freyias Weekly Peeling Charcoal Facewash 100 ml

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Unlock the secret to healthier, more attractive skin today with Freyias Weekly Peeling Charcoal Facewash. Embrace the power of charcoal and reveal your true beauty to the world.

  • Moisturize skin
  • Gives an attractive look
  • Dead skin cells are gently removed
  • Attracts impurities like a magnet
  • Special blend of calming and nourishing ingredients

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Detoxify and Purify with Charcoal’s Power

It draws dirt, oil, and other contaminants from your pores’ innermost regions because it attracts impurities like a magnet. Use Freyias Weekly Peeling Charcoal Facewash, you may successfully get rid of the toxins that build up on your skin’s surface over the week.

Remove Dullness with Gentle Exfoliation

Any skincare routine must include exfoliation, and Freyias Weekly Peeling Charcoal Facewash expertly accomplishes this. Dead skin cells are gently removed from the surface of the skin by the natural exfoliating chemicals in the facewash, revealing a younger-looking, smoother complexion beneath. Say good-bye to that drab, lifeless appearance and hello to a renewed, dazzling radiance!

Skin-Loving Substances to Calm and Nourish

We realize how important it is to nurture and pamper your skin in addition to detoxifying and exfoliating it. Every application of our Weekly Peeling Charcoal Facewash leaves your skin feeling smooth, supple, and moisturized thanks to a special blend of calming and nourishing ingredients. To give your skin the tender loving care it needs, we’ve chosen essential oils and extracts from plants with great care.

How to Use

soak your face with warm water.

Apply a tiny amount of the facewash to your skin and gently rub it in circular motions. Do not touch the sensitive eye area.

Let the charcoal in the facewash do its job on your skin for a few minutes.

Make sure there is no residue by carefully rinsing with warm water.

Use a soft, clean cloth to gently pat your skin dry.




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