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Freyias Strawberry LipGlam (4ml)

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Enjoy the natural goodness of strawberries with our special mix, which blends wholesome nutrients with a blast of strawberry flavor. Strawberry LipGlam is not like other lip balm; it is a must try lip care product that will make your lips feeling supple, smooth.

  • Intense hydration
  • Traps moisture
  • Fest natural ingredients
  • Blast of strawberry sweetness
  • Ideal travel companion
  • Appropriate for all situations and seasons
  • Keeps your lips feeling comfortable

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Deep Hydration:

Freyias Strawberry LipGlam provides the intense hydration that is necessary for gorgeously soft lips. Our cutting-edge formula traps moisture, offering long-lasting hydration that keeps your lips feeling comfortable all day.

Natural Ingredients:

Nature has the ability to heal and regenerate, in our opinion. The best natural ingredients, such as actual strawberry extract, vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil, are used to create Freyias Strawberry LipGlam.

Fruity Flavor:

Each time you use Strawberry LipGlam, a blast of strawberry sweetness will fill your mouth. Our lip balm is not only helpful but also a pleasant pleasure for your taste buds!


Strawberry LipGlam is your go-to product whether you struggle with winter dryness, summer sun exposure, or simply want to keep your lips looking their best every day. It is the ideal travel companion because it is appropriate for all situations and seasons.

Compact and Transportable:

Strawberry LipGlam is packaged in a stylish, hand-carry-friendly manner and is intended for use when traveling. You may always have your lip care savior on hand by slipping it into your purse, pocket, or makeup bag.


We are dedicated to producing goods that are morally and practically sound. Strawberry LipGlam is cruelty-free, making sure that no animals were injured in the making of it.




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