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Cathy Doll Skinny Concealer matt & bright 04

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Flawless coverage like never before with Cathy Doll Skinny Concealer Matt & Bright that combines liquid and pencil concealer into one stick. This item offers high coverage and glides on easily without creasing. The liquid concealer aids in naturally covering dark circles, dark spots and redness while the pencil end helps in diminishing red and dark spots, sculpting the brows as well as shaping mouth corners.
Net Weight: 3g

How To Use

  • Turn the lid of the liquid concealer. And apply the brush to the dark circles under the eyes, black marks, redness on the face Use your finger or brush to gently spread. For concealer to be smooth to the skin.
  • Pull out the concealer lid on the pencil side Slightly rotated Points the concealer with a pencil on the small blemishes. Or draw under the belly, eyebrows and the edge of the mouth to create a beautiful shape.

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Cathy Doll


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