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Beauty Formulas Purifying Charcoal Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips For Clear Skin (6 Strips)

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  • Simple and easy to use
  • Nurturing process
  • Blackheads are removed
  • Preserving healthy skin
  • Leaving your skin feeling refreshed

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Simple and Effective Application

Applying Cosmetic Formulas Nose pore strips with purifying charcoal are simple and easy to use. Peel the backing of the strip slowly off to reveal the adhesive side while starting with a clean, dry nose. Apply the strip to your nose gently, making sure to cover any visible blackheads or congested pores. The activated charcoal will start to work its magic after a few minutes of drying and adhering to your skin.

Effective Results

We recognize that using skincare should be a kind and nurturing process. These pore strips are designed to be efficient without putting your skin under excessive strain. Gently peel the strip off from one edge, moving it away from your nose, once it has dried and feels solid to the touch. Observe how satisfyingly grime and blackheads are removed, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and restored.

Caring for Your Skin

While Beauty Formulas Purifying Charcoal Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips are a fantastic option for sporadic deep cleansing, we think a thorough skincare regimen is essential for preserving healthy skin. Include these strips in your normal skincare routine, which should consist of cleaning, exfoliation, moisturization, and sun protection every day. Be careful not to use the pore strips too frequently as this may cause skin irritation.

How to Use:

To begin, wash and dampen your face. To guarantee greater strip adhesion, thoroughly moisten the nasal area.

Peel the protective plastic lining off the pore strip after removing it from the container.

Apply the strip’s sticky side to the wet nasal area, making sure it sticks securely.

Allow the strip to completely dry, which typically takes 10 to 15 minutes. The strip will harden during this time as it attempts to remove contaminants.

Pull the strip carefully away from the nose’s center as soon as it is entirely dry and firm.

After rinsing off any leftovers, continue with your regular skincare regimen.



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