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Today’s women and men cannot find anyone who does not use face cream. But many people use different types of face cream without understanding. which becomes very harmful for the skin.

 which help revitalise rough and dry skin. Fresh creams are available in the market for day and night use. which are currently popular among people of all ages.

There are many good face creams available on Do not buy any face cream that contains harmful substances. They temporarily brighten the skin and later cause serious damage to the skin. In today’s article, we will discuss best face creams.

 Which type of cream is best for daily use?

Not all creams can be used for daily use. But there are some companies that make creams for daily use. However, the cream to be used daily should be of good quality. We will discuss some such creams below:

Fair and Lovely Multivitamin Cream and Face Shop Whitening Seed Brightening Lotion are two creams that are very good for the skin.

These creams can be used daily. It does not create any new skin problems. It helps heal very rough, dry skin. They are suitable for all skin types.

5 Best Face Cream Prices In Bangladesh

Here we will name five good creams from Bangladeshi brands. and will inform you about their prices.

Best Face Cream name  Price 
Fair and lovely multivitamin cream 540 taka
Ponds flawless cream 560 taka
Ponds Age Miracle Cream 700 taka
Garnier Light Complete Fairness Whitening Cream 600 taka
Johnson Soft Cream 390 taka

Face Cream for Men

Various types of face creams for men are available on the market. These provide protection for their skin. Let’s know about some Bangladeshi brands of face creams for men:

Face Cream for Men Price 
Glow & handsome face cream 160 taka
L’Oreal men’s expert face cream 1601 taka
Nivea men’s cream 631 taka
Emami Fair and handsome Fairness Cream 190 taka
L’Oreal men’s expert anti-aging fairness cream 1650 taka

Can I use face cream every day?

If your cream can moisturise the skin, then you can use it daily. Because if the skin is not moisturised every day, the stock can become dry. Excess dirt may accumulate on the skin.

 A variety of facial problems can occur, including acne. The latter can cause serious damage to the skin. So a good brand of face cream should be used daily.

What Are the Side Effects of Face Cream?

Face creams have certain advantages and disadvantages. However, the benefits of face cream are greater than the disadvantages. Because if face cream is not used daily, the skin becomes rough.

 Again, it is important to use cream to go out. A good cream can be used instead of makeup every day. Discuss them yourself.



  • It helps to brighten the skin.


  • does not show signs of age.


  • eliminates acne problems,


  • removes skin blemishes.




  • Excessive use can cause skin burns.


  • Redness of the skin appears.


  • The skin becomes thinner.


  • thinner.


The best face creams are usually bought for daily application on the face. So it should be a good brand. and must be completely unadulterated. Face cream can sometimes be bad.

They do more harm than good to the face. which later leads to long-term problems. So be careful while buying face cream. And in this case, we should invest more.