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Another form of face powder is Pressed Powder. The difference is that the durability of face powder is less.

And the durability of Pressed Powder is more. It can give a more matte look. Works as both foundation and powder. Hides acne spots on the skin. And helps to cover pores.

Although there is Compact Powder according to the skin tones of different brands, it is a lot of trouble to go to the store and get the shade. Nirvana is the only color brand for girls in Bangladesh to solve this problem.

Every product of the Nirvana Color brand matches the skin tone of the people of Bangladesh. So let’s know about the three Compact Powder.

Types of Press powder

There are several types of Compact Powder. Described below:-

Light Golden- Mattifying and Poreless Pressed Powder

Dark-skinned girls are worried about whether Tight Powder will look white or float. For them, Light Golden Tight Powder will solve the problem. Will not look too white. It will look smooth again.

Light Beige-Mattifying and Poreless Pressed Powder

Medium Skinetone Shyam is not the color, and do not make a white forsake. There is a yellow on the face. Light Beige is in such a kind of skin match. 

Light Natural Mattifying and Poreless Pressed Powder

More Farsess Skin is called Fair Skin. There are white ideas in this skin. And the light skin is less than white. Light Natural Shayid’s Present Powder for such skin is perfect. 

How To Use Pressed Powder?

  1. There is a kind of sponge with a Pressed Powder. With this sponge, the face will be good.
  1. To use bare skin, you have to moisturize the skin before the skin. 
  1. Powder sponge, without lodging the powder, but it will be gently pressed without rubbing powder ponds. 

What Kind of Pressed Powder Is for all kinds of skin

In order to choose a Tight Powder, the skin of the skin should be understood. You have to know about the elements of what they have. Then the selected facility will be. 

For example, there should be such powder for oily skin, including the Talc element. It does not let the skin be oily. 

Skin Moisturiser helps Moisture Boosting Properties Silica helps to raise the skin’s Brightness. It fits for all kinds of skin. All types of elements are available in the Presented Powder of Nevada. So all kinds of skin can be used. The mistakes that can not be made- take a small amount of powder on oily skin. Because more powder is taken to oxidize the oily skin. That’s why the skin shows more brown. More powder can not be used. Enough to use one coat. Besides, smooth skin will not show. 

Someone thinks of it as Luz powder. But there are differences between these two. Loose powder is used to set makeup. And gives light coverage. And the delivery powder gives flowers coverage without the Foundation or Consillar.

Those with medium skin. And those with dark spots on the skin can use the Tight Powder without immediate trouble.  Matches skin tone and saves time.