Showing all 7 results offers some of the most affordable branded loose powders in Bangladesh. W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder, Makeup Revolution Loose Powder, and even Wet n Wild Loose Powder are some of the branded loose powders you can find on our website—Banana loose powder prices in Bangladesh on our website range from 300 BDT to 720 BDT.

5 Benefits of Using Loose Powder

Loose powder is a must-have item for your makeup routine. Here is a list of the benefits of using loose powder.

Oil Control

The loose powder soaks up excess oil from your skin and reduces the look of greasiness and shine on your skin.  

Long-Lasting Makeup

Loose powder makes your makeup last longer by preventing makeup from creasing and fading throughout the day.

No Transfer

Loose powder locks your makeup in place, so you don’t have to worry about your makeup smudging and transferring onto objects.

Blurs Pores

Using loose powder evens your makeup and mattifies it, which helps your pores to look smaller. 

Color Correction

Loose powder comes in shades of yellows and pinks, which helps brighten your skin and corrects uneven skin tone.

Types of Loose Powder

  • Banana Loose Powder

Banana Loose Powder is used to color-correct skin by reducing the look of red and blue tones. 

  • Translucent Loose Powder

Translucent Loose Powder sets makeup and does not add color to your skin.

  • Tinted Loose Powder

When you set your makeup, it adds some coverage and light color to the skin.

Loose Powder And Pressed Powder- What is the difference? 

Loose powder has a finer texture and is used to set your makeup in place; on the other hand, pressed powder has more coverage and is used to touch up your makeup throughout the day. 

Luxury vs. Drugstore Loose Powders: Are Expensive Brands Worth the Hype?

If you regularly use makeup, you should know that loose powder is an important step in your makeup routine. It sets your foundation to avoid transfer, smudging, creasing, and oil throughout the day. Luxury and drugstore options are available, but are expensive brands better? 

Luxury powders are well-known brands and are usually more expensive because you pay for the brand name and packaging rather than the product itself. Some luxury brands use higher-quality ingredients in their products.

Drugstore loose powders are more affordable and work the same, if not better, than more expensive powders. There may be a slight difference, but the difference needs to be more noticeable to justify the high price point of luxury loose powder, mainly since both luxury and drugstore powders serve the same purpose.  

Loose powder is the type of product you will finish quicker than your other makeup products, so it is better to splurge your money on higher-quality lipsticks and foundations rather than on loose powder.

Loose Powder FAQs

Can loose powder cause acne?

No, loose powder does not cause acne, but it can lead to breakouts if you do not wash it off properly.

What is a loose powder used for?

The most common use of loose powder is to set your makeup in place to make it last all day.

Can I use loose powder without foundation?

Yes, loose powder is good for oily skin and can help reduce excess oil production on your bare skin.

How can I use loose powder to set my foundation?

Take a little bit of powder onto a large fluffy brush and tap it over your skin. You can also use a damp sponge to dab the powder on your under eyes and T zone to do a method called “baking.”

What is the best loose powder to set my foundation?

Banana Dreams Loose Powder, Airspun Loose Powder, and Makeup Revolution’s Luxury Banana Loose Powder are some of the best and most affordable loose powders. 

Do loose powders contain talc?

No, not all loose posers contain talc. Some use cornstarch and other ingredients such as mica and rice powder.