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When creating a perfect look, many people turn to face powder. And they have many advantages! It can help absorb extra oil, minimize flaws, and fix makeup. Due to so many product types on the market, deciding which ones are worth it can take time. But we’re here for you to solve the hard part. 

The prices of face powders can vary anywhere between 600-5000 BDT. Not all types of powders serve the same purpose. Besides, we’ll provide a table of reliable brands in Bangladesh and much more! 

 So, take a coffee and keep on reading this article. 

What Types of Face Powders Are Good? 

 Not all types of powders serve the same purpose. Depending on your skin type and intention, tons of styles are available on the market. Some of the most popular varieties include: 

 Translucent powder: This type of powder is colorless and is used to set makeup and control shine. It is an adaptable option that would be perfect for all skin tones. 

  •  Pressed powder: Pressed powder comes compact and is ideal for daily touch-ups. It is also great for those with oily skin. 
  •  Loose powder: Loose powder is lightweight and provides sheer coverage. Those with normal skin should dry. 
  •  Mineral powder: Mineral powder is made from natural ingredients and is suitable for sensitive skin types. It provides light to medium coverage. 

 Reliable Face Powder Brands with Pricing 

 Here is a table of some reliable face powder brands in Bangladesh, along with their average price range: 


Brand  Price Range (BDT) 
Maybelline  600-1200 
L’Oreal Paris  1000-2000 
Essence  400-800 
Rimmel London  800-1500 
NYX  700-1200 
MAC  2500-4000 
Clinique  3500-5000 


 Note: The pricing can vary depending on ongoing specials or offers. 


Advantages of Applying Powders on Face 


The use of face powder has various benefits. Here are a few illustrations: 


  • They can assist in absorbing extra oil from the face. It leaves the skin matte and shine-free. 
  • After applying foundation and concealer, setting it with powder can last longer throughout the day. 
  • Some powders are good at hiding the appearance of pores and fine wrinkles. As a result, you get a complexion that looks more even. 
  • It’s simple to use most powders with a brush or an applicator. Thus, they make them accessible and practical on the skin. 


Coverage: Depending on the formula, finishing powders can offer sheer to full range, allowing for customizable looks. 


Potential Disadvantages of Using Finishing Powders 


Such powders for the face also have their drawbacks at some points. Here are a few potential disadvantages to keep in mind: 


The powder can settle and emphasize if applied too heavily or in areas with prominent fine lines. Besides, applying too much powder or using a powder that is too drying can make the skin look dull and flaky. 


Some users have reported that too much powder can result in a cakey. Many powders can have chemicals that disturb skin sensitivity. Therefore, selecting the proper powder type is essential to avoiding these issues. 


To summarize, makeup powders are a simple yet good addition to your beauty routine. Always choose authentic products and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. After reading this information, we hope you can use your face/finishing powder wisely. 


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Conclusion: Unlocking Face Powder Benefits 


There are a variety of face powders available on the market. You must choose the one that matches your skin tone number. Otherwise, things can get worse, and you might look uglier. Also, getting the original powder is necessary. Be aware that many fake cosmetics are centered in the Bangladeshi market. 


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