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How to Apply Face contour On Your Face

Face contour is a new edition of advanced and natural makeup look.  You don’t need to be an expert or makeup artist for contouring. It’s very easy and simple to contour your face. If you want to get a beautiful look then you should use face contour So, let’s discuss face contour and how to contour on your face. 

What is face contour? 

Face contouring is an essential step of makeup. It  is a technique of changing  the shape of your face.

 It is also known as  facial sculpting . Contouring can complete the procedure of a non surgical method. 

Why do we need contouring on our face? 

There are a lot of reasons for  face contouring. For getting a flawless makeup look We need contour on our face. 

We can achieve a slimmer face shape by hiding our double chin. Also it can make our nose,cheeks,jawlines  more sharp . 

How to use contour  step by step

If you want to contour your face in a perfect way , you must follow some steps and techniques. 

  1. First we have to prepare our face for contouring by  primer concealer and foundation. 
  1. Before contouring our face, we have to choose the perfect shade according to our skin tone. 
  2. Now, in this step you will apply any product for contour. There are liquid, creamy , power types contouring products. 
  3. In this step, first you have to create a shadow or line in some specific  places on your face. Shape the forehead  of the hairline, side of the nose, under cheekbone and jawline.  Now apply your expected product in this line or area.
  4. For perfect contouring you have to blend the product in the proper way . You have to blend until it looks natural.  For blending you can use a makeup sponge or blending brush. 
  5. After contouring you will follow your next steps of makeup. like applying blush, highlighter eyeshadow,lipstick and setting spray to complete your makeup. 

Here we can suggest you some name of face contouring product 

  • Former pretty compact blush(bronzer)in shade P114.
  • Former pretty compact blush(bronzer)in shade P113.

who is sincere about makeup, he/she knows how important face contour is. Without it the makeup is incomplete. You can contour your face in a very simple way.

 For creating a natural makeup look you don’t need to hire a makeup artist complete Master’s on makeup.