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Nowadays if you search anyone’s makeup bag, you must find face concealer. And concealer is the most important and basic part of makeup. It will make your makeup perfect and give you more confidence.  Creates a perfect look in your makeup whatever you want. It plays a very helpful role in makeup. How much you will look perfect, depends on your use. It is also very important to choose the right shade and formula. So, Let’s go to discuss this important about face concealer

What is face concealer? 

Face concealer is a beauty product. Which  we use For hiding our dark circles, pigmentation, pimples and spots when we makeup. It is also used for creating a perfect makeup base. 

It’s impossible to ignore concealer in any way. Because of this impactful and little amount of product, you can use many ways.

What is the use and benefit of concealer? 

There are many varieties of concealer, according to your face. Three most common and available concealers which is advisable . 

The type of formulas are liquid, thick and creamy.

What type of concealer you will use,  depends on your facial shade.  Also our personal preference and which look you want to create. 

Now,we are going to show the uses and benefits of concealer. And some names of best concealers. 

  • Cover dark circles: When we put makeup on our face and if our eye area is dark it looks very weird. So to cover the dark circles and make the eyes shine.  It is better to use brightening concealer. 
  • Hide dark spots  : looking beautiful  and gorgeous after makeup, it must hide the dark spot by concealer.
  • Blur pimples: Concealers are also great for hiding pimples and pigmentation. it improves all in perfection. 
  • contour and colour correct : This is a super smart product. It also you can use for contour and colour correction. It depends on how much good coverage you want.  

How to use a concealer?

Before using Face concealer you have to choose the perfect colour, shade and type. 

First clean your face well. Then you will apply any primer or moisturiser . then you start to apply Concealer. 

 Now you will cover your under eyes .  Also with all dark spots, pimples etc. then you will start to set it up with a beauty blender or fingers. Then you will go to your next step. 

If we can understand the benefit  of concealers, we  never can’t think that it’s underrated. This is a very powerful product.  No matter how little it is, never skip this from your makeup. So never forget about concealer to prove your beauty. Enjoy  your makeup and make you more gorgeous. At you will find all your favorite makeup products