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Nowadays, eyeshadow palettes are a must-have accessory for girls these days. The eyeshadow palette is the most important thing in eye makeup. It helps in making the eyes look beautiful.

And eye makeup makes you fit your outfit. You select the eyeshadow palette with your favorite dress. A good brand eyeshadow palette lasts a long time. Eyeshadows for personal use are available from various reputed salons.

There are many brands of eyeshadow palettes on the market. In today’s article, we are using eyeshadow. I will discuss the palette in detail.

Eyeshadow palette brands

There are many companies that manufacture eyeshadow palettes. They competed with each other to create this palette.

They are better than each other. But there are some good brands of eyeshadow palettes. They are a very reliable company. These palettes usually start at $19 to $20. As the price is higher, it lasts longer on the eyes.

These palettes are becoming very popular day by day, as they do not harm the eyes. There are many brands of eyeshadow palettes on the market. Here we will discuss some brands of eyeshadows:Brand: Wet n Wild: The palettes of this brand are always nude colors. Moreover, it can be easily blended on the eyelids. It is easy to apply as it is in powder form. and lastslonger. Small eyeshadow palettes start at $5.


The eyeshadows from this brand blend easily with the eyes. It is very blendable, with a breeze of color. You can get a good matte-finish makeup experience with this pad. Medium-sized palettes start at $11.

 Prism Makeup 

The specialty of this brand palette is long-lasting durability. You will experience a very good matte finish. Medium-sized eyeshadow palettes usually start at $13.


The biggest advantage of this brand’s palette is that it is completely alcohol-free. Moreover, it is mostly a nude colour. long-lasting and easily blendable. Medium-sized eyeshadow palettes usually start at $14.

The Top 5 Best Eyeshadow Palettes in 2024

Various brands of eyeshadow palettes are currently available on the market. Let’s discuss the top 5 best eyeshadow palettes of 2024.

Technic Pressed Pigment Persian Eyeshadow Violet

This eyeshadow is not a liquid eyeshadow. Rather it is used as a powder. Even though it is rough, it blends with the eyes for a long time. As a result, it does not fall easily from the eyes.

Product description


Color: soft glam.

Product item: powder.

Product benefit: comfortable, blendable, softening.

Price: 450

Technic Hot Love Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow Soft Glam Palette

This palette is used to bring a soft look to the eyelids. This palette is generally more effective for light makeup.

Product description


Product benefit: softening

Price: 450

Product categories: eyeshadow palette.

Revolution Sophx Highlighter Eyeshadow Palette

The specialty of this palette is that it is easy to blend with the eyes. Moreover, it can also be used as a highlighter. And easily blendable on the eyelids.

Product description

Price: 950

Product benefit: blendable.

Product categories: eyeshadow palette.

Revolution Ultra Blush Palette

Everyone likes this eyeshadow because it lasts for a long time. But it is less blendable than others. If you want to keep an eyeshadow for a long time, you can apply it.

Product description

Price: 630

Product benefit: long-lasting.

SKU: 773

Colour Icon: 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette

The specialty of this palette is that it has a large number of color combinations. You can choose any color from here. Moreover, this palette is long lasting.

Product description

Price: 470

Product benefit: defining

Product categories: eyeshadow, makeup, eyeshadow palette.

Eyeshadow palette price in Bangladesh

 There are various eyeshadow palettes available on the market. You try to buy within your budget.

 There are student budgets, and eyeshadow palettes are available for purchase. Again, the eyeshadow palettes are from various famous brands that roam the market. Let’s take a look at the prices of some pallets. have been released on the market

Eyeshadow palette name Price
Nirvana Color EyeShadow Palette  ৳ 549
Imagic 48 Colors Eyeshadow Palette ৳ 1,050
Reversal Planet 40 Colours Eyeshadow Palette  ৳ 850
Wet n Wild Color Eyeshadow Palette ৳ 650
Beauty Glazed Eyeshadow Palette  ৳ 930

Which makeup brand is best for eyeshadow?

Generally, Sephora brand eyeshadow palettes are very good. They stick to the eyes for a long time. As a result, the eyes look attractive and beautiful.


Sephora eyeshadows are available on the market at different price points. You can choose any Sephora brand eyeshadow within your budget.


Eyeshadow is now a common thing in girls’ makeup. Every girl, more or less, uses it now. Its demand is increasing day by day. Now the eyeshadows of various famous brands are available on the market.


However, various fake products have been released on the market. Although they look similar, their quality is different. So buy eyeshadow palettes by checking for genuine fakes.