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Eye liner is used in the beauty practices of girls. It makes the eyes look longer. Eyeliner is used first when doing eye makeup. Eye makeup is incomplete without eyeliner.

Women of any age use eye liner to decorate their eyes. Various brands are constantly being sold in the local market. Its price varies by brand.

Sometimes you can buy more expensive eyeliners. There is no chance of damaging the eyes. Eyeliners can be purchased from local markets or websites. In today’s article, we will discuss eyeliner prices and where to get them.

The best waterproof eyeliner

The Liquid Waterproof eye liner Pen is currently very good. No one has given any bad reviews of this brand of eyeliner.

All categories of people can use it, as it is long-lasting. This eyeliner is affordable. You can buy it for just Rs. 290. It can be purchased from any Focallure brand store. You can also get it from their website if you want.

Students can use it as it is on a student budget. Here, we will discuss some more eyeliners from the brand. So let’s get started:


Topface Stylo Kajal Eyeliner 001

This eyeliner is not likely to smudge when applied on the eyes. Moreover, it is proven to be 100% waterproof. It is popular with everyone as it is long lasting.

Product Description


Product categories: products for all skin types; student budget; top face

Price: 340 taka.


Cmaadu Single Liquid Colorful Eyeliner

This product is usually not black in colour. It has different colour varieties. You can choose your favourite colour. But this is an eyeliner on a student budget.

Product Description


Product categories: product for all skin types, student budget, top face

Price: 170 taka.


Cmaadu Single Liquid Colorful Eyeliner, Shade 13

This eyeliner is a little liquid type. So there is no difficulty while applying. But this eyeliner is not black in color. It is sold in a variety of colors. You choose the product of your choice.

Product Description


Product categories: product for all skin types, student budget, top face

Price: 170 taka.


Nirvana Color Retractable Eyeliner

The specialty of this eyeliner is that it is retractable. So you can easily apply anywhere. It can be easily applied to any corner of the eye.

Product Description


Product categories: product for all skin types, student budget, top face

Price: 290 taka


Revolution Relove Dip Eyeliner

This eyeliner is not sold in different colors. It is a very deep black product. Once applied to the eyes will last up to 8 hours. You can buy this if you want eyeliner for long lasting.

Product Description


Product categories: product for all skin types, student budget, top face

Price: 295 taka.

Which eyeliner is best for BD?

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner is very popular nowadays. They have been doing business with competitors for about five years. They are still ahead of other eye liner.


If you want to buy from Island, buy from them. Recommended for waterproof and long-lasting Eyes look bigger than before when used on eyes. and doubles the beauty of the eyes.


Eyeliner price in BD


Eyeliner brand name Price
Imagic Waterproof Gel Eyeliner 299 tk
Wet and Wild Color Pencil Black 180 tk
Wet n Wild H2O Proof Eyeliner 330 tk
Imagic Waterproof Gel Eyeliner E04 250 tk
Elegant Matte Dipliner 01 522 tk
Elegant Matte Dipline 523 tk

Is eyeliner bad for your eyelashes?

Yes, using any brand of eyeliner is bad for eyelashes. because it causes a lot of damage to the eyelids. Also, there is a fear of bacterial infection of the eyelids. So you should not use the island every day. The worst are pencil or gel-type eye liner. They cause a lot of damage to the eyes.


It is sure that eyeliner helps to enhance the beauty of girls. But its regular use leads to eye damage. It is better to use kajal instead of regular eyeliner.


And it is very important to remove the eyeliner properly after using it. Avoid regular use to avoid eye problems.