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 Currently, Korean makeup and Korean cosmetics are roaming the market in Bangladesh. There are good-quality items as well as bad ones. There are some brands whose products give good results.

Again, if you use some brand of product, your skin can get cancer. But many people have gotten good results using this brand of product. That’s why it became so popular overnight. But you must buy the product after seeing the original fake.

It is possible to get glassy skin using Korean cosmetics. But for that, you need to spend a lot of money. In today’s article, we will discuss Korean cosmetics in detail.

Which is the best Korean cosmetics brand?

Goodall and Haymish products are the best. It is possible to get glass skin using the products of this brand. Sometimes you may have a dark complexion. In that case, instead of glass skin, you will get glowing skin.

which will last for a long time. However, using this brand of cream should not be abandoned. If you start using it, you have to do it for the rest of your life. If there is any bad result on the face, you have to stop using it.

No compromise can be made in this regard. because any product can be harmful to your face. So you have to buy the product with understanding.

5 Best Korean Cosmetics Prices in Bangladesh

Different brands of Korean cosmetics are sold in Bangladesh. Here, we discuss five good Korean cosmetics.

COSRX Good Morning Gel Cleanser

It acts as a cleanser. Moreover, it helps with anti-aging and acne removal. It should be used every morning. It can be used twice a day, maximum.

Product description



Product categories: anti-aging, cleanser.

IUNIK Centella Calming Daily Sunscreen

It’s sunscreen. and play an effective role in eliminating it. This cream should not be used at night. Use it daily before going out. And use a face wash while removing the product from the face.

Product description

SKU: 10140


Product categories: anti-aging, cleanser.

3W Clinic Crystal White Milky Sun Cream

This cream is very effective for whitening the face. I can give you glass skin in just two weeks. But more cream should be used for fairing. This can cause skin cancer.

Product description

SKU:10138 can

Price: 980

Product categories: sunscreen, cleanser.

3W Clinic-Intensive UV Sunstick

It is used for dry and sensitive skin. works for anti-aging. This cream is applicable to avoid any problems with sensitive skin. You can use it to avoid sun exposure.

Product description


Price: 650

Product categories: sunscreen, cleanser.

DABO Collagen Lifting Sun Cream

It is a sunscreen. and appropriate for all skin types. This cream can also be used as a cleanser. and has an effective role in anti-aging.

Product description

SKU: 8034


Product categories: sunscreen, cleanser.

How Do You Get Korean Glass Skin?

 A glass skin can be obtained by following some general rules. They are:

  • The stream session should continue.
  • Daily facial exercises should be done at a specific time.
  • Always clean your face with clean water.
  • Always remove loose dirt from the face with a wet towel.
  • Clean the face with regular toner.
  • Moisturiser should be applied regularly.
  • Finally, a face mask should be used on the face.

Is Korean makeup better?

Korean makeup is definitely good for the face. because they provide a natural result. The look is more natural when using Korean makeup. Moreover, it is made with 100% authentic ingredients. 

Real Korean makeup is usually more expensive. But don’t use 100% puff when using Korean cosmetics. Then the outfit will be natural.

What are the side effects of Korean cosmetics?

There are some pros and cons to using Korean cosmetics.

 The advantages are:

  • It helps to make the skin fair.
  • It is possible to get glowing skin in a few days.
  • removes dark skin.
  • eliminates the problem of sunburn.

Precautions to be followed:

  • Thins the skin’s skin.
  • Skin loses its natural elasticity.
  • may cause skin cancer.

Korean cosmetics are currently very popular in Bangladesh. Thousands of women are using them. But not everyone gets good results.

Because the women’s are use of this cosmetic are very happily. Which later creates various skin problems. But a beautician should be consulted before using it.